Welcome to Reception

In Reception we use the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance to build on the rich learning experiences of Nursery.  We provide an exciting and challenging indoor and outside environment in which children have opportunities to learn in large and small groups as well as individually to practice and secure key skills. The safe, welcoming environment encourages children to be imaginative, thoughtful learners who can explore and experiment in the knowledge that their ideas are valued and celebrated.

The Reception team work closely together to ensure that children have access to the highest quality learning. This is achieved through direct teaching time with the whole class, small group work and targeted intervention groups, together with opportunities for sustained play based learning through Continuous Provision where adults take on the role of Early Learning Facilitator. Staff play alongside the children, extending their learning through our planned objectives as well as encouraging children to challenge their own thinking and ideas in order to be excited and inquisitive learners. All staff are skilled in observing, assessing and extending children’s progress and using the information gathered to plan next steps for learning.

We provide a stimulating, meaningful Curriculum, based on the children’s interests and ideas, and endeavour to include the children at every stage of the planning process. Examples of our planning formats can be seen at the end of this document. Planning is displayed on the parents’ notice board each week. In Reception we do not follow set learning enhancements as we believe that the most meaningful learning takes place when children are motivated by their own interests. We therefore create mini learning enhancements triggered by children’s interests and passions. Therefore themes change from year to year; some common themes include: Superheroes, Space Travel, Transport and Mini Beasts. During the second half of the Autumn term we have a theme around Celebrations, where we explore key festivals including Diwali Eid and Christmas, traditions such as Halloween and Bonfire Night  as well as other important occasions in our lives such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

The Curriculum

There are seven areas of learning and development, which are all important and inter-connected. Three areas are particularly important for children in the early years and without focus on these areas children would find it difficult to make progress in any of the other areas of learning. These Prime Areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

At Uplands Infant School we believe children learn best from an interesting and exciting play based Curriculum where they are motivated to become curious learners through a range of learning opportunities which draw on children’s interests and challenge them in their learning through high quality interactions with adults during quality first teaching. Our highly skilled practitioners work with children in a range of well-planned learning experiences which include a balance of adult led focused tasks and opportunities for them to learn alongside each other independently. By facilitating their independent learning during continuous provision without the structure of formal adult led learning, we endeavor to maximise the opportunities for children to set themselves tasks and take risks and challenges through high quality learning opportunities, matched to children’s unique needs and abilities. Children’s learning and achievement is noted and recorded in a range of ways and observations are used to plan the next steps of learning for each child’s journey through the Reception year.

Further Information regarding the Statutory Framework can be found here.

Contacting Reception

The new email address to contact Reception is This should be used to send any information about events at home, such as family celebrations, visits, momentous occasions and photos of children’s learning experiences at home.