Sports Premium

Sport at Uplands!

We use our Sports Premium Grant to further improve sports provision in our school. We run after school clubs every day of the week including Dance, Football, Hockey and Multi-Skills. These are led by our Sports Coach who also provides sporting provision at lunchtimes and runs our Football League which involves 14 other schools in Leicester.

On this page we will provide information and updates about how we spend our Sports Premium Grant. You will find lots of stories at the very bottom of the page in the news section relating to sports including the Year 2 football league!

Here are some videos of our children learning relay, javelin and ball handling skills:

We regularly ask our children for feedback about the provision of sport at Uplands: 

“I like all clubs because they keep me fit and healthy.”

“I like Hockey Club because I love to play Hockey and learn new things.”

“I like Athletics Club because you get to do different jumps and drills and I find that fun.” 

“I like Football Club because I love football and I enjoy all my sports clubs.” 

“I like Football Club because I find it challenging by playing against Year 2.” 

“I like Athletics because we do lots of races.” 

“I like Hockey Club because I enjoy playing in goal!”

“I enjoy all clubs because they are all very fun and they all have things to do which I really enjoy.” 

Sports Premium Information

It is a requirement that all Schools report on their sports premium allocation, use and impact on attainment. We will do this on a yearly basis and display this information here.

Proposed spending plan for 2019-2020 sports premium grant allocation:

Sports Premium 19-20 Plan

Reports of Expenditure:

The reports for previous years are available below:

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2018-2019

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2017-2018

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2016-2017

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2015-2016

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2014-2015

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2013-2014

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure 2012-2013