Children’s Survey 2017/2018

We undertook a survey of our Key Stage 1 children to ask them about how they felt about various aspects of their schooling. For the questionnaire we used, please click here: Pupil Survey.

A total of 212 children were surveyed.

The results are really positive with high scores in a number of key areas such as children enjoying coming to school (97%), feeling safe at school (97%) and having friends at school (97%).

The areas for improvement are:

  • Continuing to ensure that children know what they have done well and how to make their work better; this has improved since last year’s survey (4% now indicate ‘don’t know’ to question 7 compared to 7%).
  • Continuing to improve the school cleanliness; we questioned the children further about this issue and they raised the problem of litter dropped by children and parents on the playground (6% now disagree with question 11).

Student Governors and teachers will be creating an action plan to address the low scoring areas.

Some quotes from our children from the 2017/2018 survey:-


“I am very happy!” 


“My school is the best school in the world.” 


“Our school is amazing because of all the teachers.” 


“My school is interesting because we make projects and it is fun.” 


“I like our school trips.” 


“Our school is amazing because we have clubs.” 

Parent Survey 2017/2018: 

We asked parents/carers to complete a survey so that we know exactly what you feel is going well in our school and where you feel we need to improve. These were entered onto Parent View. This is a website from Ofsted that enables parents to record their views about the school. You can record your views anytime by going to the Parent View website here.

Thank you to all the parents/carers who completed their questionnaire. In total we received 153 responses.

We are extremely pleased that 100% of parents/carers agree that their child is happy at this school with 100% agreeing that their child feels safe at school. 100% of parents would recommend our school!

We are always striving to improve so we will continue to have an open door policy for parents to raise their concerns, either with the class teacher, the Year Group Team Leader or Senior Management.

The Surveys: 

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