Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

We have four classes in our year group, each with a teacher and supported by a teaching assistant.


Class Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Oak Miss Solanki Mrs Bhula
Willow Mrs Shirley Mrs Anwar
Cherry Miss Patel Mrs Girach
Ash Miss Glover Mrs Adam


In Year 1, children arrive from their Reception classes cautious and curious with mixed levels of confidence and natural inquisitiveness. This transition is a period of adjustment that staff focus on by working closely with the parents and observing the children and their needs.

While changes can be unsettling for some, we recognise that for others changes represent opportunities for new challenges. Therefore helping them to feel happy and secure is one of our main priorities. Teaching children how to build a positive attitude towards their learning is crucial to future successes. That we can make mistakes, learn from them and still persevere is what we term as growth mindset and the children become familiar with such characteristics to help them become lifelong learners. Motivating our children to become an independent yet collaborative learner is something that will permeate throughout the Year 1 curriculum.

During Year 1, children learn to name, accept and change their emotions through stories and sharing their experiences. They learn to match an emotion with a colour and use ambitious vocabulary that helps explain how they feel, how they can manage and change their emotions.  Please talk to them about their day in school and encourage them to share their feelings, viewpoints and ideas. Our curriculum brochures which are sent home each half term will include ideas for activities and challenges that will help support your children’s learning at home. Homework will include their reading books, learning to read and spell their 100 words and also each half term a project based challenge.

Relationships built on trust and working in partnership with our parents, is important to us and something that we take great pride in. We will run workshops that inform and support you to help your child learn at home and to better understand how they are learning at school. We want your child to be happy to come to school and hope that you will work with us to fulfill this. We value your support and unique knowledge about your child and happy to listen to any concerns, questions or queries you may have.

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