TimeAssembly Details
Monday1.15pmSinging Assembly
Wednesday1.15pmClass Assembly based on values in class
Friday2.30pmClass/ Current affairs Assembly

Collective Worship 

We hold a daily act of collective worship which has been developed to encourage all children, irrespective of their faith or culture, to reflect upon a set of Universal values such as; love, peace, truth, co-operation, hard work and respect. These values act as the foundation not only for religious education but for the development of personal, social and health education, citizenship and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of our curriculum. Times of quiet reflection enable children to develop values and aspirations of the human spirit. We also ask children to pray to God and we respect the way in which they choose to do this. All acts of worship aim to create nurture and sustain a sense of community.

Monday – Key stage
Tuesday – Key stage
Wednesday – Year group
Thursday – Year group
Friday – Whole school

Throughout the year we hold festival assemblies; Eid, Christmas and Diwali which are all enthusiastically attended by parents and other schools. Other faith assemblies; Hanukkah, Chinese New year, Holi, Easter etc… are led by visitors or staff members.

All half-termly themes follow the SEAL scheme of work.

Class assemblies reflect both values and learning that has taken place.