Art & Design

At Uplands Infant School we aim to inspire children to become artists and designers themselves by studying the works of a variety of artists and sculptors. We look in more detail at the skills these artists need in order to produce their works and break these down in to smaller more achievable steps which the children can then explore and develop in order to produce their own works of art. The main skills we focus on throughout the year are as follows:

  • Colour – the skill of effective colour mixing for a particular purpose
  • Form – the physical processes to select, shape and join materials effectively
  • Printing and pattern – exploring a variety of techniques to add detail
  • Texture – how things look or feel based on the materials they are made from and how these can be used to create images

A variety of art materials are available in each classroom at all times for children to self-select and specific resources are added to over the year as we teach new skills.

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