Design & Technology

Year 1

We want to excite and empower children to become designers, architects, builders and engineers. We do this by building on their knowledge of how to fix and join different materials together for a purpose. We provide a range of more challenging construction kits and also open ended loose parts/ junk materials for them to work with. We look at how structures and objects are put together and think about how we can use these ideas to make our own constructions.

We teach children to follow the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ process. This encourages them to think about what they want to build, the materials they will need and how they are going to assemble it. They will then use a combination of drawing and labelling to make a plan. Next they begin to follow their plan to make their model, evaluating and re thinking their designs as they move through the process.

Working in this way provides a wealth of learning opportunities, not only from the skills of using tools and mechanisms such as levers and axles but also from measuring accurately to problem solving and persisting until the final product is achieved.

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