Design & Technology

Year 2

Throughout the year we create opportunities for design and technology within our learning enhancements, however we often use the children’s current interests to lead us on a design and technology journey!

Throughout all of our learning enhancements, the children are taught to design, create and evaluate.

Our trip to the Botanic Garden allows children to explore sculptures and to express opinions about them. They look carefully at the materials used and explore the shapes and patterns created. As a follow up, we are designing our own clay dragon sculpture. Children will develop their skills in using different tools and have opportunities to discuss, evaluate and share ideas for improvement.

A range of junk material are provided for the children to design and make their very own houses to replicate the style of housing in the era of the Great Fire of London. These are then used to create Streets such as Pudding Lane, to resemble London’s buildings at the time of the great fire. Finally we burn our houses in our playground to observe how quickly fire spreads!!!

This year children will be investigating bridge building whilst learning about Brunel. Children will experiment with materials and critically evaluate and amend ideas to create the strongest possible bridge.

Sewing and using material and fabric to make sock aliens we are excited to be teaching this year. This will allow the children to experiment with different types of stitches to join materials and to design and use templates before beginning their final design.

During SAT’s week, the whole of year two spend time in the hall creating props for our leavers performance.