Year 1

At Uplands Infant School we want all our children to become mathematicians. We are developing a mastery approach to maths and giving children the skills to understand how numbers and the number system work. Shape space and measures work will be taught both discretely and used for a purpose within other curriculum areas such as Science or Design and Technology for measuring and weighing accurately.

Our maths lessons will be a mixture of whole class, smaller group and independent work, with opportunities to apply and practise their skills through play activities and with challenges set to promote reasoning and problem solving.

We begin by children becoming masters with concrete materials, equipment they can move, manipulate and count. Then we represent these materials pictorially (pictures, diagrams or drawings), followed by the abstract (using numbers and symbols such as + – =) to represent the concrete and pictorial.

A combination of all 3 approaches help the children to build a deeper understanding of the concepts we are teaching and each is of equal importance in becoming a ‘maths master.’

Teachers will set weekly challenges for children to apply what they have been taught and check understanding. These will usually be problem or question based where the children show or prove how they have answered the challenge.

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