Monitoring Progress and Assessment

At Uplands Infant School, assessing children in Nursery is an ongoing and reflective process. It involves practitioners observing and interacting with children to understand their level of achievement, interests and unique learning styles. The evidence is recorded using a variety of methods including written observations, samples of annotated work, photographs and video. We actively seek to include not only the practitioner voice in the assessment process but also the parent and the child and any other significant source of information. Judgements are then made about Children’s attainment detailing children’s performance in all of the EYFS areas of learning and development in terms of a judgement of Entering, Developing or Securing in each Age and Stage Band. Skilled staff then actively shape learning experiences for each individual child reflecting the assessments made, planning for progression in learning.

Nursery Prime Area Tracker

Nursery Specific Area Tracker

At Uplands Infant School we recognise that children do not all progress in the same way and that there is no set order or pattern in which different skills will be acquired. As the age bands overlap it is possible that children will demonstrate elements across different age bands. Judgements using Development Matters will always be a ‘Best Fit’ that looks at a range of skills and knowledge that the child is demonstrating and that can apply consistently and independently.

New learning demonstrated through children’s work, practitioner observations and photographs is displayed on our class Learning Walls as quickly as it takes place.Children can take great pride in sharing their achievements with parents who can see the value of what their children are learning through play. This is later added to the child’s learning Journal that showcases the progress made during Nursery.