Year 1

We use music in a number of ways across the whole curriculum. Our singing assembly each week gives children the opportunity to join with others, learn new songs and promotes the enjoyment of music and singing collectively. Music and song can help children to learn facts or key vocabulary and moving to music in PE or at playtimes can promote coordination and improve muscle strength, which are needed for writing.

Each week we have a discrete music lesson where children learn about different styles of music and practise the key skills below:

  • pulse (duration) – steady beat
  • rhythm (duration) – long and short sounds over a steady beat
  • pitch – high and low sounds
  • tempo – fast and slow
  • dynamics – loud and quiet
  • texture – layers of sound, how thick or thin music is
  • structure – how the sections of a song or piece of music are ordered

Children get the opportunity to:

  • listen and appraise
  • play musical games
  • Sing
  • Play instruments
  • Improvise
  • Compose
  • Perform

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