Parents as Partners

As parents and carers you are the most influential teachers in your child’s life.

At Uplands Infant school we acknowledge that parents are ‘children’s first and most enduring educators’ (Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, QCA 2000). Therefore we have a genuine commitment to working co-operatively with parents and carers as it is essential if we in Nursery are to plan effectively for individual children’s learning needs and interests.

Nursery at Uplands Infant School will be the first time most children have been to a nursery or play environment without their parents and we want to make their first experiences happy ones. The journey with us begins before the child comes to Nursery in September when we hold Parents Meetings and Stay and Play Sessions in the June/July before they start. We use this time to build respectful and caring relationships with the parents and their child, giving them an opportunity to become familiar with us and the setting. Basic advice on toilet training, nutrition, book skills and communication can also be accessed through the support of the local Sure Start Centre.

Home visits are an important part of our induction process and we arrange to visit the family at home before their child starts in September. This reminds the child who we are and gives the staff a chance to get to know them better so that we can offer exciting and stimulating activities that will capture the children’s interests. It is also an opportunity for parents to voice any concerns and share any important information with the class teacher prior to their child starting school.

We fully understand that this can be a highly emotional and apprehensive time for both parents and children and therefore aim to keep anxiety levels to a minimal. We work in partnership with parents so that we can happily settled their children, who are then confident and ready to begin their learning journey at Uplands Infant School.

At Uplands Infant school we want to work in partnership with parents and carers and want them to be actively involved in their child’s learning journey with us. We recognise the value of parental contributions and actively seek these in a number of ways including:

– Creating opportunities for talking to parents and carers about their child’s learning both informally through spontaneous dialogues during the beginning or end of the session and more formal planned times of parent consultation meetings.

– Newsletters keeping parents informed about what the children have and will be learning and how they can help at home are regularly sent home.

– Parents and carers are encouraged to use email to send in photos/ videos of learning noticed at home e.g children singing a new rhyme or informing staff of any significant experiences e.g weddings, parties and outings. Our Email address for Nursery is

– All contributions from parents and carers are displayed upon the child’s Learning wall and then placed in the Learning Journey. Parents are encouraged to look at their child’s Learning wall and Learning Journey celebrating their child’s achievements and success which is maintained throughout the year.

If you’re not sure how to contribute and require further support please take a look at the Parents as Partners brochure:

Parents as Partners Booklet

You are always very welcome to ask for support from a member of staff.

Your support plays a vital role in the learning and progress of your child.