Religious Education

Year 1

At Uplands Infant School we follow the Leicester City agreed syllabus for Religious Education. We believe understanding how people’s beliefs shape their lives and seeing similarities help children to grow up in a world where respect and tolerance is key to living side by side in peace and harmony.

In Year 1 we will be learning from and about the major religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, with the main themes being:

  • How do we show we care for others? Children get the opportunity to share their own experiences and learn to be sensitive to the needs and views of others. They learn that all religious views of life can influence a caring attitude towards others.
  • Celebrations – We develop an understanding of religious festivals and the meaning behind these events for those who celebrate them and talk about the similarities and differences between how they are celebrated.
  • Can we find the meaning of symbols? Children discuss similarities and differences between symbols such as food, clothing, ritual objects and behaviour.
  • What can stories teach us about life? Children are encouraged to think deeply. They will reflect on how different stories have a message for us to learn from and help us to become good citizens.
  • What do different people believe God is like? Children compare the ways different believers show respect for their god, through rituals, clothing, worship and greetings.