Dragonflies & Clay

Our dough table has been very quiet these last few weeks so we decided to put it away for a while and reintroduce clay. Clay is a great resource to use in Reception. Working with clay develops motor skills, sensory development, self esteem, self expression, problem solving skills, discipline and pride. Clay also has a uniquely therapeutic quality. Just look at the amazing sculptures they have created!

There was a real buzz in the classroom and you could see the concentration and thought processes going on as they discussed and shared their ideas. Showing one another how they created different shapes and different effects. We left it open ended, just placed sequins, natural resources to use for texture and print, such as pine cones, and the usual dough tools. This meant there was no limit to what they could make or achieve.

They are all so proud of their creations as am I!

I’m looking forward to seeing what they make next week when we show them how to join to pieces of clay together with slip (slip is created by mixing clay and water).

Miss Tew