Dragonflies Park Trip!

Dragonflies had such a fun filled morning yesterday! We went to the park, but on the way we went to the shop to buy biscuits and we also posted some letters for Miss Marshall.
When we got to the park we spent time looking at the new growth buds on the trees, tulips, daisies and daffodils. Mrs Conway also taught us about sticky weed and how it can stick to your jumpers and coats!
We also practised our powerful nouns and spotted some common wildlife such as crows, pigeons, black birds and squirrels. We then got to play in the park which was so much fun!
After that we had our milk and a biscuit whilst Miss Tew went off and hid some Easter eggs for us to find. We all found one egg each even though Mrs Conway was trying to eat them all!
On the way back to school we bumped into a police officer, he was very friendly and Mrs Rawlings is going to ring the police and ask him if he would come to visit us in school.
We had such a great time!