Ethos, Values & Aims

Our Ethos 

At Uplands Infants we provide a happy, warm and caring environment where all of our children feel safe, secure and valued and are eager to learn. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and to care for, respect and value others and the environment.

This ethos is reflected in our Golden Rules and Character muscles which are the foundations on which our school practice is built and give the school its strong core sense of purpose.

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Children’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs are fulfilled through our broad, balanced and enriched curriculum and our strong links with parents.

Our Aims 


  • To provide inspiring and intriguing learning opportunities to enable each and every child to achieve their full potential.
  • For learning to be cross curricula, with real life application of skills, fostering enjoyment and creativity through play.
  • To develop clear and confident communication skills through the written and spoken word.
  • To become fluent readers who understand and get pleasure from reading.
  • To nurture a sense of curiosity to enable children to question the world around them, make suggestions and try out their own ideas with confidence.
  • To take ownership of their learning, gaining independence and acquiring knowledge and skills for life.
  • To be empowered to find their voice and be articulate in expressing their opinions in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Socially/ Personally

  • To be motivated, involved, maintain focus, persevere and have a passion for learning.
  • To develop an appreciation of creativity and the arts and use them as a platform to express feelings, emotions and ideas.
  • To know right from wrong.
  • To feel safe to explore and learn from mistakes.
  • To learn how to take responsibility for their actions, understanding that all actions have consequences.
  • To develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.


  • To promote and encourage diversity, tolerance, collaboration, honesty, understanding and mutual respect.
  • To encourage children to value and respect the beliefs, cultures and religions of others and to feel safe and secure with their own beliefs.
  • To be involved in democratic processes to encourage pupil voice.


  • To ensure all children benefit from physical activity in order to promote their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • To engage in competitive sports and activities
  • To develop physical awareness and belief in their own physical abilities along with a general feeling of bodily well-being and thus greater self-confidence and self esteem
  • To create a lifelong enjoyment in physical activity and exercise and its contribution to lifelong health related fitness.
  • To promote the qualities of; sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership, resilience and patience.


Thinking about our Values…

We aim to create a positive learning environment through the positive values modelled by staff throughout our school. It provides social capacity to our children by equipping them with social and relationship skills, intelligences and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives.