At the end of this term we will be saying goodbye to Miss Keshav, Mr Aziz & Miss Harrison.
Miss Keshav (previously known as Mrs Lal) has been at Uplands for an incredible 25 years! Miss Keshav worked as a class TA for many years but has recently made the huge leap into teaching. She will be truly missed by the staff, children and parents! Thankfully she isn’t going too far as she is continuing her teaching carer at one of our Trust schools – Green Lane Infant School.
Mr Aziz has also been at Uplands for many years and has taken the journey from class TA, to teacher and has just completed a year as the Year 2 Team Leader. Mr Aziz has decided to develop his skill set and use his talents to benefit the community by setting up his own Youth Mentoring Project. We wish Mr Aziz all the best in his new venture!
Although Miss Harrison has only been with Uplands for a year she has made a big impact on our school and the children in her class. Miss Harrison is an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated teacher (who can also run very fast!). Miss Harrison will be moving on to a school in Wigston, we are sure they will love her just as much as we do!
We are sure you will all join us in wishing all three of them the very best in their future careers!