Humanity Without Borders

We interviewed one of our Year 2 students who has been helping to raise lots of money with her family

Faaizah has been raising money for Humanity Without Borders and we interviewed her about her hard work!

What have you been doing to raise money? 

“We have been speaking through microphones to make our voices louder and we have been given lots of money! We have been giving sweets to children and pens to parents and leaflets to everybody.”

Why are you raising the money?

“For the children in Syria, Tanzania and Bihar because my dad realised that the places were really bad when he visited and he decided to do this and that’s why we are doing it. We have been working hard and going into the shops and door to door and one lady gave us lollipops!”

“I am very proud and there are nearly 40 children and 11 parents helping.”

Faaizah has raised over £1,000 for the charity and her family and the school are very proud of her!