Our Head Boy & Head Girl 2023-24

It’s official!

Meet Uplands Infant & Nursery Schools Head Boy & Girl and Deputy Head Boy & Girl.

Head Boy – Adam Patel                                Deputy Head Boy – Huzaifah Rehman

Head Girl – Zoya Nadim                                Deputy Head Girl – Zunairah Sayed

As Head Boy/Girl, the selected children will be expected to support the student governors in decision making and come up with new ideas to help improve our school. They will be role models for the school and they will be expected to show and help other children to follow the golden rules.

Student Governors 2023-24

The Role of the Student Governors is to attend meetings every other week with Mrs Odedra to discuss ideas, concerns and work on various projects throughout the year.

Student Governors can be identified because they will be wearing a badge and hoodie. Their photos will be displayed at the front of the school so all children know who they are

Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches 2023-2024



My name is Huzaifah and I am in Year 1.

I would like to be Head Boy as I am very friendly and I care very much about our school and all the children.

I stand and follow the school rules of being Kind, Respectful and Safe.

I will always try my hardest to lead by example.

So please vote for me !


Good morning everyone, my name is Zunaira Sayed.

I want to be the Head Girl because I believe I can represent you and 2SM well and make sure everyone is included. I am an energetic and friendly person that will listen to your worries and do my best to represent your interests.

I will work hard to make everyone feel equal and cared.

I put in my best effort to support everyone.

Thank you.


Hello, my name is Adam Patel.

To be head boy you have to be kind, respectful, have good manners, be a strong leader and have good listening skills. But most importantly, be smart!

I feel I have all those skills and more!

If you chose me I will try my best to make sure your voice is heard and make this school a great school to learn and have fun.

So vote for me!

Thank you!


I would like to be a Head Girl because I like to fix problems when someone is not being their friends and I always say kind words to anybody in the playground.

I always follow the golden rules, the golden rules are, be safe, be kind, be respectful and I will make sure everyone should follow the rules.

Thank you.

Work Around School

Anti-Bullying Week 2023-24

This term the student governors have been working on reviewing the ‘child friendly’ Anti Bullying Policy.

Having reviewed the policy, the student governors felt that there were too many complicated words and the policy needed to include more pictures.

Once the policy had been finalised, the student governors presented the policy in a whole school assembly.

Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy

Please click on the link to see the presentation

Anti-Bullying Presentation

Leicester's Urban Project - 2022-23

Workshop 1
To kick start Leicester’s Urban Project, our eco warriors took part in the first workshop.
The children discussed what nature is and where they might find it in Highfields.  The eco warriors looked at a variety of local landscapes and told each other how the landscapes made them feel.  Words such as: calm, relaxed, peaceful, happy, excited were mentioned.
During the workshop the children were put into groups to discuss the importance of various animals and plants.  The children gave fabulous reasons as to why they thought their chosen animal or plant was important.
Adon said, “Bees are important because they give us honey.”
Aisa said, “Without nature, animals can’t eat what they want too.”
Maysarah said, “Plants are important because they help us to breathe.”
Daniyal said, “Without the food chain we would all be suffering,”
Muhammed said, “If one thing is cut then that thing in the food chain will disappear.”
Amina said, “Without nature everything would be really boring.”
To children then looked at nature on their playground.
All the eco warriors were excited and are now going to think of ways to attract more nature in our school.
Workshop 2

The eco warriors took part in the second Urban Workshop.  The children worked on how to identify living and non living things and looked closely at objects and species to find the odd one out.  The eco warriors had lots of fun playing a game where they had to stand up if they agreed the species was living and sit down if it was non-living.  After that, the children watched a video of different birds and used a bird guide to name it.  The children also used tree guides to identify leaves.  The eco warriors used their knowledge from the games to identify the trees on the playground. What a fantastic second workshop.  The children were demonstrating their character muscles by working collaboratively in pairs.

WWF Workshop

The student Governor’s met with the representatives from the WWF and showed them around the school.

The Student Governor’s also talked about what they would like to do to help nature in our school.

WWF Workshop
The eco warriors met with Laura from sustainable schools to take part in the third WWF workshop.
The group began by discussing why nature was important.
Session 3 was all about how the group would like to improve nature in the school.
To help them, the eco warriors discussed in pairs what animals needed to survive.
Group 1 said: “Birds need a nest, a tree to keep safe, food and water.”
Group 2 said: “Fish need water, space and food to survive.”
The eco warriors then went on a walk and identified places in the school where they wanted to improve nature. These area are, the top playground, nature area 1 and 2, and Reception planting area.
The children drew their ideas on paper and labelled their drawings.  The eco warriors confidentiality spoke about their plans to the rest of the group.
Amina said, “we need worms in our soil so that the soil is good and plants can grow.”
Daniyal said, “we need to improve oxygen in our environment by planting more.”
In the next session the children will begin to put their ideas into action.
BBC's Wild Isles

Uplands staff were out in force to show their support for the launch of the WWF’s and BBC’s ‘Wild Isles’ program.  During the event, the teachers identified places of nature and places which could be improved in the local community.  Uplands are very excited to be part of such an incredible opportunity to help local nature and do their bit to help it.

ECO Schools - 2022-23

Grow Your Own Grub

Our eco warriors worked hard on the ‘grow your own grub,’ project and took part in a competition with other schools in Leicester.  We are so thrilled to have won the silver award.  A huge well done to our eco warriors.

National Tree Week

The whole school celebrated national tree week and watched a virtual assembly.  The children enjoyed learning about the importance of trees in our environment.  This was an excellent learning opportunity too as year 1 have been learning about trees.  Some classes went on a tree walk and identified the trees on the school grounds.

Green Flag Award

We are so proud of our latest award in achieving the green flag award.  We are going to work really hard on more eco projects to maintain the accreditation.  A huge well done to the school and the eco warriors.


Marc from sustainable schools visited the Student Governor’s to discuss a number of projects the children could carry out to help continue the green flag award.
The children used excellent oracy skills to articulate their ideas.
Environmental Questions

The eco committee interviewed the teachers and asked them some very important questions on a range of topics about the environment.  The committee have all agreed on the three topics that they will work on throughout the year.  Theses topics are: Litter, Biodiversity, and Healthy Living.  The children had some fantastic ideas on how to improve these areas in the school.  Please have a look at the school review document for more information.

Litter picking

Year 1 took to different parts of the school to improve the school grounds and highlight the importance of litter on the environment.

Eco Celebration

Year 1 children participated in an eco-event at City Hall where they talked about all the environmental projects they had been involved.  Everyone was impressed with the eco warriors and their commitment in helping the environment.  The children also revived the ‘Green Flag Award,’ and met with the Eco-School’s director, Adam Flint.  To congratulate the children’s work, they were given copies of a signed book by authors, ‘3enginers.’

Work Around School - 2022-23


As part of the anti-bullying campaign, the Student Governor’s launched an anti-bullying poster competition.  Each class representative decided on the winning entry and received a prize from the Student Governor’s.  All the classes have displayed their poster to support the campaign.  Well done to everyone who took part.

The Student Governor’s delivered worry monsters to their classes as part of the anti-bullying campaign and explained to their peers how to use them.  If children are worried about something, they can immediately tell an adult or post a note through the mouth of the worry monster.  The teachers will check the monsters regularly and discuss the concerns or issues with individuals and whole class.

WWF Workshop 4

The eco warriors got to put their plans into action and began building their bug mansion.  The eco warriors collaborated together to tie logs onto the frames, as well as collecting leaves to fill in the gaps, and putting straw into the holes of bricks to make warm and inviting spaces for bugs to live in,  They also made bird feeders by threading Cheerios onto string.

Single use plastic

The Student Governor’s met with Uplands Office Administrator Jess and told her about why single use plastic was bad for the environment.  They have asked Jess if it was possible to ban plastic straws and replace the straws with paper straws. Jess advised the Student Governor’s that she would make some phone calls to see if this was possible with the school’s current milk supplier. The Student Governor’s are keeping their fingers cross in their aim to reduce single use plastic.


Islamic Relief
The Student Governor’s and Islamic Relief hosted an assembly to tell the whole school how they will be working together to raise money for those effected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
The Student Governor’s have organised a sponsored 1 mile walk which will be taking place on Friday 28th April 2023.
Paper straws.

The Student Governor’s received some exciting news when they found out that they had managed to ban plastic straws which will replaced them with paper straws.

Litter Assembly

Marc from Sustainable Schools delivered a whole school assembly to the children to tell them about litter and the impact of litter on our environment.

WWF Workshop 5

The eco-warriors welcomed a film crew from the WWF.  The eco warriors continued developing their bug mansion, and planted wild flower seeds to attract more wildlife to the school.  The children talked to the WWF about their work and showed them what they have done so far.



WWF Workshop 6

Reception spent the morning clearing the nature area.  The children planted herbs and plants to attract bugs and insects.  The children also enjoyed finding bugs and introducing them to the bug mansion.

Sponsored 1 Mile Walk
The whole school took part in a sponsored 1 mile walk for Syria and Turkey.
The school has been working with Islamic Relief to raise funds to help those effected in the earthquake.
3 Engineers
Authors, Nick, Jon and Matt, otherwise known as the 3 Engineers have donated their wonderful books about the environment to Uplands Infants School.  The Eco-Warriors listened to the story with great excitement as Laura from Sustainable school read to them.
WWF Final workshop

The eco warriors took part in the final workshop.  Children made posters about protecting the environment and discussing what they have learnt from the project.  The children showed a great understanding of caring for nature.  Laura from Sustainable Schools has been impressed with the children and their empathy they show towards nature.  The children thanked Laura for all her help and support and are now looking forward to doing their bit for the environment.

Thank you from Islamic relief

Islamic relief were delighted to hear that Uplands had raised £4500,00 for their charity.  Islamic Relief handed the Student Governors a certificate to say a huge thank you for their efforts.

Mealbarrow Growing

The school have been busy growing and looking after the fruit and vegetables plants for the mealbarrow competition to highlight sustainability.

Documents and Information

Governor Speeches 2021-22

Student Governor Meetings - 2021-22

Meeting 3 - 06.01.2022

We spoke about the topics that had been scored the lowest. We have chosen Energy, biodiversity and healthy schools for our action plan.

We also created some little signs that we will be putting around the school to remind the adults to turn off lights and computers when not in use and to close the door to save energy.

EcoSchools - 2021-22

Green Flag Award

Student Governors have created an acrostic poem to produce an Eco-Code for our School. The Eco-Code is part of the Eco Schools Green Flag Award that we are working towards.

Mealbarrow Extravaganza!

The children have been busy putting together their plants in the wheelbarrow today. It has been a very exciting and busy day.

Assemblies - 2021-2022

Anti-Bullying Week - 19.11.2021

For anti bullying week the student governors carried out an assembly and informed the rest of the school of the implant message of “One kind word”. They spoke about who they can go to for help and how to be kind to each other. They created posters and shared these in their assembly.

The whole school wore odd socks for anti bullying week.

The Attenborough Learning Trust - 3 Year Celebration