Welcome to Uplands Infant School. We are proud to be founding members of the Attenborough Learning trust. As an Infant school our strength lies in Early Years education and how children develop.

“Nurture Empower Flourish”

We are a caring, warm and truly inclusive school that takes account of the needs of children from all backgrounds. Because we are an infant school, our strength lies in early year’s education and how children develop. We do not rest on our laurels but are ambitious risk-takers who not only believe our children can achieve but know that they can and support them at every stage of their educational journey to do so by nurturing and empowering each child to flourish.

Mrs Orton  Mrs Odedra  Miss Bath & Miss Gamble
Head Teacher              Deputy Head Teacher                    Business Managers

99% of our parents would recommend our school!

100% of our children say they enjoy school!