Parent Cursive Handwriting Workshops

Thank you for attending!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who joined us yesterday and today for our Cursive Handwriting Workshops. We are very impressed with how you joined in and how much your handwriting improved!

We hope you found it useful and are excited to practice your new found skills! Here is a copy of the presentation we delivered today and some suggestions for ways to improve your child’s physical dexterity.

Handwriting Workshop


Ways to develop Gross and Fine Motor Skills at home

  • Encourage children to skywrite with both hands.
  • Ask another adult or a confident child to model the movement with her/his back to the rest of the children. Stand behind the children to check they are all following the movement correctly.
  • Let children make patterns in the air or on each other’s backs.
  • Make a letter shape in the damp sand tray. Invite each child in the group to trace over the shape, going a little deeper each time. The object is to get down to the base of the sand tray without the sides falling in
  • Let the children make patterns using pegboards.
  • Provide sewing and weaving activities.
  • Involve the children in chopping and peeling in cooking activities.
  • Provide woodworking tools – pliers, screwdrivers, hammers.
  • Use finger rhymes, counting fingers, playing with words and sounds, etc.
  • Provide small construction toys.
  • Structure sand and water play to include sieving, pouring, picking up toys using tools, etc.
  • Develop the pincer movement: show the children how to use tweezers to pick up and sort sequins, small beads, etc., sprinkle coloured sand, glitter, salt, etc. on pictures.
  • Provide the children with paints, finger paints, etc. for making big patterns on differently shaped paper, for example fish, balloons, kites. Talk about the patterns they make. Focus on developing the curly caterpillar, long ladder and one-armed robot.
  • Encourage the children to strengthen their fingers by using clay, play dough, Plasticine, etc., for modelling. They can make letter shapes and patterns using the modelling media.
  • Encourage dexterity by asking the children to cut out large letter shapes or patterns. They can use different coloured marker pens for tracing along inside the shapes. Emphasise that circles and curly caterpillars need to be traced from the top and anti-clockwise.
  • Give the children thick paintbrushes and water to paint patterns on walls, fences, etc.