Parent Governor Candidates

Ballot Papers have been issued!

Following nomination, there are three candidates for the parent governor elections. Ballots have been issued and parents will receive on ballot paper each to cast their vote and return to the school office by Tuesday 7th November 2017. There is one vacancy and so please vote for ONE candidate.

(In alphabetical order)


Shabana Dagia

My desire to become a parent governor at Uplands Infant School has stemmed from my personal attachment to this school, as this is where I began my educational journey. I am so proud that my child now attends here and fortunate that Uplands Infants have talented hard-working staff, who always strive to deliver the highest standards of education to all the children.

I have been involved in voluntary work with other local colleges and secondary schools where I have delivered and presented the national award-winning Tax Facts Programme to our younger generation as well as helping and supporting students with mock interviews. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with younger children as I have been able to positively influence them in making both informed and right choices for their future with the support from their teachers.

I strongly believe that with the wealth of my educational background, work experience and community involvement, I am equipped with the skills required to serve as a parent governor. I am passionate about giving all our children an opportunity to reach their best potential through their educational journey. I am enthusiastic, honest, friendly and approachable.

If given this opportunity, I shall demonstrate my commitment and support to our children and the school and work with the teachers by contributing significantly to its continued success.


Maarya Patel

I am a stay at home mother of three. My eldest is in Year 1 and my second will shortly be joining the Nursery. I am a graduate with an interest in the way my local school manages and promotes the ethos of the local community. As a member of the local community, the welfare and progression of the community is of the utmost importance. I believe this can be developed by creating a coherent and positive atmosphere based on trust and respect.

I have previously worked in a school so I understand the importance of having an active role in the learning of all the children at the school. My experience as a teacher has given me an understanding of parent expectations. I am passionate about doing my part in supporting the school to continue providing good education consistently.


Anna Tysvaer-Davies

I am the mother of 3 children, they all attend Uplands Infant School ranging from Nursery to Year 2. I therefore have a passionate interest in the school to ensure that it provides the best possible education and support it can offer to its pupils and parents.

I have a degree in Tourism Management. I have had a wide range of different experiences in the workplace including 3 years as a Police Officer in Greater Manchester Police. I have recently been studying Nutrition and many aspects surrounding this field.

I have extensive experience in the service sector and realise that when offering a service it is vital to get it right, as it is in the school for our children.

I have lived in Leicester with my family for almost 5 years and we enjoy living in Leicester and enjoy the richness of such a diverse culture here.

I have always found Uplands Infants to be a warm, welcoming and fun place, where professional, enthusiastic and approachable staff always with the children’s care and education always paramount. I want to help to ensure this not only continues, but improves.