We run a variety of after school clubs as part of our extended schools programme. Where possible, these clubs will be free to attend and we regularly advertise for new members. If you as a parent would like to see a particular type of club, please let us know!

Priority will be given to Pupil Premium children.

Rules of After School Club Attendance:

We will remove children from any after school club if:

  • two consecutive weeks are missed or
  • attendance is sporadic or
  • good standards of behaviour are not achieved
  • or if parents are routinely late to collect children

Sports Clubs


We offer a wide range of sports clubs throughout the year, sports clubs run Monday to Friday, 3.15 to 4pm.


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Bench Ball

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Art Club


Children with a particular interest in Art have the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge and skills.

Week 1 - 08.02.2022

In art club, children have been learning how to draw from observations, developing their knowledge about artists and exploring their technique to produce their own art.

Week 2 - 25.02.2022

This week in art the children have been learning the skill of how to hold and use a brush properly. They also learnt what are the primary and secondary colours and how to make secondary colours. This was bit tricky as they soon learnt that you had to mix correct amount of paint and water to achieve the colour they wanted.

Week 3 - 04.03.2022
This week in Art club we enjoyed mixing with paint and learning about the colour wheel.
We have been practicing the skill using Tonal shading, using white chalk and charcoal. At first all the children found this really challenging but they kept on going and produced a beautiful tonal sheet. Well done my little Artists!
Week 4 - 11.03.2022

In the Art club this week we focused on the Artist Vincent Van Gogh and his technique using oil pastels. Children really had fun and explored using the oil pastels learning to achieve small stroke effect just like one of Van Gogh paintings ‘Starry Night’. They then went on to produce their own picture in the same style. I’m so proud off my little Van Gogh!



Miss Tilli will be leading a ballet after school club on Wednesdays (starting from 19/01/2022) for children from reception to year 2.

Ballet improves your posture, strength and flexibility. It also develops focus, which will help with concentration in academic lessons, confidence, teamwork and determination.

Miss Tilli has a first class degree in dance, RAD Advanced ballet certificate and over 4 years experience of teaching ballet.

Ballet is beneficial for both boys and girls.

Board Game Club


There will be lots of board games for your child to learn. Including Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Connect 4, plus lots more!

Week One - 20.02.2022

Khaleel year 1 – “I enjoyed landing on the ladder because I could get to the end faster”

Dinjal year 2 – “I found it funny when I landed on the snake and had to slide down it”.

Cooking Club


Cooking club gives children the opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious and delicious food. Each session children will learn a new recipe and the children will be able to bring home what they have made.

Week One - 20.01.2022

In week 1 of cooking club we made Fruit Kebabs with a tasty honey and yoghurt dip. We learnt about the importance of healthy eating and hygiene before we begin cooking. We learnt to prepare fruit, use equipment safely and chopping skills. It was lots of fun!

Week 2 - 27.01.2022

This week cooking club enjoyed making cheese and salad sandwiches!

We learnt the skill of spreading and grating.

We also practiced the skill of chopping that we learnt last week.

Week 3 - 03.02.2022

Last week cooking club enjoyed making pasta bake! We practiced our grating and chopping skills from last week and learnt how to peel and crush garlic cloves. We’ve also enjoyed using a scale to measure out our ingredients. The children said their favourite part of the session was boiling the pasta and draining it using a colander.

We are looking forward to our last session next week!

Week 4 - 10.02.2022
It was the last week of cooking club today!
We enjoyed making our own pizza bases with flour, water and butter. First we used the tips of our fingers for the flour and butter to create a breadcrumb texture. Then we added milk and used our hands to knead and make a dough.
We practiced spreading again using the back of spoon to spread our tomato base and topped our pizzas with cheese and lots of other colourful toppings!

Environment Club


Mrs Kantelia & Mrs Parmar will be running a 6 week ENVIRONMENT CLUB. The club is free to all children.

Being part of the ‘Environment Club’ children will….

Learn how to help the environment.

Empower others to take action and improve environmental awareness in their school and beyond.

Learn about how to reduce our carbon footprint in their school and in their homes.

Make posters, make mini-bug homes, plant flowers to attract wild life.

Be part of the change in their school and help to design a new future.

Carry out an assembly and take the whole school on this green journey with them.

Week One - 03.02.2022

This week the children went around the school putting up signs to remind everyone to “turn off the computers” “turn off the lights” and to “close the doors”.

Aisha “I like environment club because I learn new things.”

Zaynab “I like the club because we are saving the world”

Faizah ” I like environment club because we went on a walk around the school and saw where energy was being wasted”

Week 2 - 10.02.2022

This week we made bug hotels for the bugs to feel safe. We used sticks, leaves and bark. We used recycled bottles for our bug hotel. If we didn’t recycle the bottles the bottles will end up in the bin and in the oceans.

Week 3 - 24.02.2022
This week the children learnt about Greta Thunberg.  Children took part in a discussion about why Greta is such a significant person in the fight to save our planet and how she is raising awareness in climate change.
The children enjoyed listening to a book based on deforestation.  The book sparked lots of interesting talking points.
Yusuf Bhula “If you chop all the trees then there will be no houses for animals.”
Aaishah Khalifa “Trees are important because they breathe in bad stuff.”
Faiza Darial “People are not being nice and animals have no homes.”
Jai Mukesh “We can plant more things like flowers in our school and help.”
Week 4 - 03.03.2022

Today we went to our local area and picked litter. We also picked litter around the school. We spoke about why litter picking is important.

Laaibha: “litter picking is important because we want to save the animals and creatures.”

Sarah: “We need to pick the rubbish up and put it in the bin because animals will get hurt.”

Zainab: “We picked up litter because we want to help our environment to help birds”.

Week 5 - 10.03.2022

This week in environment club we thought about being responsible. This children made bird feeders by utilising the whole orange.

Firstly the children cut the orange in half and ate the juicy orange. Then they poked sticks through the orange peel and attached the string. Finally they poured the bird seeds into the orange cups and hung them in the outdoor environment.