Welcome to Reception

In Reception we offer a curriculum that is designed to perfectly fit the individuality of your child. A curriculum which is responsive to their passions, interests and strengths as well as one that is skilfully carved to broaden your child’s experiences and ignite their fascinations.

Our school has developed an exceptional Early Years Foundation Stage where positive attitudes towards learning are instilled, building confidence and resilience through children’s natural instincts to discover and explore.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance to continue the children’s adventure of learning from Nursery by providing experiences which will promote curiosity and challenge learning through both our indoor and outdoor environments.  Children are encouraged to be inquisitive, thoughtful learners who can explore and experiment securely in the knowledge that their ideas are valued and celebrated.

Learning is delivered through an expert balance of Quality First Teaching and opportunities for sustained play based learning within Continuous Provision. In our Continuous Provision endless possibilities can be imagined and children are empowered to be fearless in their explorations. Throughout our provision the role of our staff in facilitating learning is pivotal to securing progress and attainment.

The Curriculum

There are seven areas of learning and development which detail what children in the Early Years need to learn, these are all important and inter-connected. The Curriculum also outlines the importance of how children learn and need to accommodate the uniqueness of each child’s learning style. These Characteristics of Effective Learning share equal importance to what children learn and the end of year outcomes measured by the Early Learning Goals.

Further Information regarding the Statutory Framework can be found here.


Contacting Reception

The new email address to contact Reception is This should be used to send any information about events at home, such as family celebrations, visits, momentous occasions and photos of children’s learning experiences at home.