This week year 2 are finishing reading The Princess and the Pea.

Today the children wrote some thought bubbles about how the Princess might be feeling at different points of the story.


This week year 2 are learning about Christianity and the things that Christians believe in.


In today’s maths year 2 looked at arrays for the first time. They used the arrays to help them write multiplication and repeated addition sentences as well as solve problems.


Last week the Gems enjoyed practising their spellings on zoom. They practised each word in different voices, air wrote the words and challenged themselves to write each one as many times as possible against the clock! Afterwards, we sang happy birthday to Mrs Noray and watched her blow out the candles on a cake!


This week year 2 have been reading The Princess and the Pea by Jess Stockham. Here is Noor-Fatimah telling us what she thinks the queen is going to do with the pea to test the princess. Her royal curtsy is very impressive!


This week Sunny challenged year 2 to practise their catching skills. Some children made their own sock ball. Here is Abdulmuqit showing us the ball he made.


This week year 2 have been learning the difference between human and physical features. They have been identifying them in their local area too. When you’re out on your daily exercise to see what you can find.


Over the next week, the Year 1 children are going to be thinking about how Christians and Muslims pray. This weeks task was to design and prayer mat and take a picture of one they have at home and explain why it is special! Thank you to Madina and Natasha in Gems for these amazing designs and explanations.

Art & Design

The Gems have also been creating some great pop art pictures in the style of Andy Warhol using SeeSaw.


Anas has been learning all about the Great Fire of London this week and has recorded his learning on seesaw. I’m very pleased we make buildings out of brick and stone now!

Year 2 have been designing their own dragons after reading Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris. Now they’ve designed them they will be doing a piece of descriptive writing about their features and the unique things their dragon can do.

Children in Gems have been warming up and practising some great balancing skills as part of PE this week. Here are Zara and Musa having a great go!

Well done to Aaliyah for doing a brilliant warm-up before she starts her exercise!

A snowy start to the week this week! Here are some of Ninjas fabulous snowmen!

Superstars have enjoyed learning about deciduous and evergreen trees!

WOW! Avengers class have been super busy this week!

Children have been persevering and have shown amazing motivation with home learning!

Daniel & M.Aaqil from Avengers and Zakariya from Ninja’s along with his older brother decided that they’d do Sunny’s PE this week. Great work boys!

Here we have the wonderful Natasha explaining so clearly how she knows if a tree is deciduous or evergreen.

This is Aaliyah from Gems explaining how she knows if a tree is deciduous or evergreen.

21.01.2021 – Today our key worker children have been completing their online math’s and phonics learning in school.

Here is the lovely Harsh reading The Three Little Pigs! What a fantastic story teller he is!

Cheetah’s class all looked ready to go during their registration with Miss Lyall this morning!