Skateboarding Day!

Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic day of Skateboarding yesterday

The Year 1 classes had an amazing time today learning to skateboard with Sam from Team Rubicon.

We put on our helmets and pads and Sam showed us how to safely get on the skateboards. He then showed us how to keep our balance when moving and some of us even tried so simple tricks. We worked working collaboratively and took turns to pull each other along.

The learning continued into the classrooms and Ash class decided to make their own skateboards from the wood and craft materials in class. Some of us even managed to make our wheels move!

We also spoke to Willow Tree class who had an awesome time learning to ride a skateboard! It was hard work but the children persevered and rose to the challenge.

Muhammad Ibrahim “Keeping my legs straight was easy but standing still was hard.”

Zainab “It was difficult but I kept trying”

Nayab Fatima “It was difficult jumping on the skateboard but then it was better when Hujaymah helped me.”

Adam “I was wobbling but I was standing carefully.”

Aamina “I fell down but I had another go.”