At Uplands Infant School our literacy curriculum has been designed to build on our children’s cultural capital, through our curriculum drivers, our children’s interests and the requirements of the National Curriculum we empower our children to be able to speak and write fluently in order to share their ideas and emotions with others. Pupils read a wide range of texts for pleasure in order to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. This will enable our children to communicate confidently and effectively, to allow them to become a successful global citizen. Through cognitive research, we have designed our literacy curriculum to aid long term retention. Our curriculum sets out a clear breadth of genres and book titles that will be covered for each year group and the criteria for progression within our threshold concepts.

Our key literacy concepts in writing are: to present neatly, to spell correctly, to punctuate accurately, to use sentences appropriately, to write with purpose, to use imaginative description, to organise writing appropriately, to use paragraphs, to analyse writing, to present writing and our key concepts in reading are: to understand texts, to read words accurately. These concepts are explored through a range of genres ensuring clear intra-curricular links so that children are able to return to the same concepts over and over so that they gradually build upon their reading and writing knowledge.

Our teaching of literacy is on a weekly cycle within Early Years and a two-weekly cycle within Key Stage One which incorporates specific reading and writing teaching and learning opportunities. Our literacy genres are interleaved within the year group and built upon across the key stages to ensure progression and to enable children to build upon their reading and writing schema and therefore move learning from working into long term memory. Our continuous provision is carefully planned to ensure that literacy knowledge is practised and embedded through specific challenges and through an open-ended approach to learning. Children build upon previously taught knowledge both within and across year groups.

The key literacy concepts underpin learning in each cycle. This enables pupils to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language.

We implement KTC which is a quality first approach to teaching phonics, reading and writing in Early Years and KS1.

The impact of our curriculum is that by the end of each term, the vast majority of children have sustained mastery of the content, that is, they remember it all and are fluent in it; some children have a greater depth of understanding. We track carefully to ensure children are on track to reach the expectations of our curriculum through our Symphony Assessment System for reading and writing. Our phonic attainment is tracked through specific KTC assessments begun in Nursery and frequently assessed against as children move through the phonic phases. Our assessment systems enable teachers to make informed judgements about the depth of their learning and the progress they have made over time. At the end of Reception, children are assessed against the Early Learning Goal for reading and writing. At the end of Year one children undertake the statutory phonics test and at the end of Key Stage One children are assessed against the Teacher Assessment Framework for reading and writing.

Dragons - Jack and the Beanstalk

The Dragons class have summarised the story of Jack and the Beanstalk into 5 sentences. They orally rehearsed the story with actions to then write a retell of the story.

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In our Shared Write sessions we have focussed on speech bubbles relating to our book, Mr Gumpy’s Outing.  Some children were so excited about using speech bubbles they decided to add speech bubbles to their work during continuous provision!
The Buttercups are a creative bunch,  we have a blu tack monster that eats all the blu tack off our displays and the children had fun thinking how it might sound. I love how Abdullah made a superhero to stop the blu tack monster! Now, if the children find blu tack around the classroom, they feed it to the monster so it doesn’t steal it from our displays!