Opportunities for the future

We ensure our children are made aware of jobs they could aspire to do in the future as a musician: video and sound engineers, music directors/conductors, music teacher, DJ, musical therapist, music journalist, music agent, song writer, musical theatre performer, session singer/musician, record producer

In Class Learning 2022-2023

Alexander the violinist

Alexander has just passed his grade 6 violin exam. He is an absolute showman and the children were entranced with Alexander’s violin playing. 

  • Alexander played a range of classical music: 
  • Humoresque – Dvorak  
  • Lullaby – Brahms 
  • Ch’ella mi creda – Puccini 
  • Torna a Surriento – Ernesto di Curtis 

Alexander ended by playing Abba’s ‘I Have a Dream’. Playing the violin was Alexander’s dream. When people refused to help him with his dream because he has Down syndrome Alexander persevered, showing great resilience and independence.

Year 1 Music - Pulse

Year 1 Music - Pulse

The children are using their bodies to move and respond to long and short sounds.

Year 1

Year 1 Responding to sounds using their body movements

Year 1 following notation to create long and short sounds.

Year 2

Year 2 Rehearsing for their Harvest Assembly

As part of our year 2 music curriculum the children have been enjoying learning about Elvis Presley.

Here’s Yusuf Bhula and Nadeem Shaikh telling us all about Elvis!

Excellent musicianship from Year 2s.

In this group we have R keeping the pulse, K chanting and clapping the rhythm, A playing the drone and M playing an ostinato.

Excellent focus from all children.

Year 2s reading, chanting and playing the rhythm.

Year 2 children singing a simple ostinato (repeating pattern) from “Zum Gali Gali” – 1 part over the top of another.

Violin Concert

The children were very excited to welcome the talented violinist, Fenella Humphreys, who performed a mini classical concert to the children. Fenella performed a range of classical pieces to which the children listened to in awe.

Fenella was impressed with the children’s classical knowledge and that when she asked for requests, Reyhan, in year 2, asked for; ‘Carmen’s Overture’ by Georges Bizet.

Click on the link to hear the first classical excerpt that Fenella played to the children. Search for Advent Calendar 2022 Day 1 – J. S. Bach Gavotte en Rondeau


Nursery - In Class Learning - 2021-22

African Drums

The nursery children had the experience of listening to and playing the African drums. They learnt how to play the drums using a simple beat as they sang their favourite songs.