Our RE curriculum has been designed to build on our children’s cultural capital through an enquiry based model which develops our children’s critical thinking, motivation to learn and understanding of their own beliefs, as well as those of different religions and cultures. Our curriculum drivers underpin our RE curriculum and we aim to foster an awareness of British Values, tolerance of others and knowledge of our own society and the wider world. Our philosophy is to encourage children to value their own self-worth, empathise with others, respect everyone and make a positive contribution to our community.

Our key RE concepts: understand beliefs and teachings (this concept involves the key teachings of various religions), understand practices and lifestyles (this concept involves understanding the day to day lives and practices of various religions), understand how beliefs are conveyed (this concept involves understanding how books, scriptures, readings and other important means of communication are used to convey beliefs), reflect (this concept involves an appreciation of how religion plays an important role in the lives of some people) and finally to understand values (this concept involves an appreciation of how many people place values as an important aspect of their lives).

Our RE milestones expect Year 1 to have a secure knowledge of our key RE concepts which develops into a deeper understanding of how to think for themselves, ask significant questions, evaluate ideas and work constructively with others by the end of Year 2.

At Uplands Infants we follow the Leicester City agreed syllabus. RE is taught through weekly whole class lessons. Children learn about and from religions and religious customs in local, national and global contexts. Our children learn to ask and respond to challenging questions about meaning, purpose, beliefs, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human (NATRE).

The RE Curriculum is implemented in the following ways:

  • Children learn to understand, evaluate and interpret key beliefs and ideas through listening and responding to religious stories in sacred texts
  • Children learn to compare religious ideas and concepts, through discussion and debate, articulating their own beliefs, ideas, values and experiences and demonstrating respect for differences in the beliefs of other religions.
  • Children learn to make links and be curious about different religions. They have opportunities to handle artefacts and respond to images and stories through art, music and dance.
  • Children have opportunities to share their feelings and ideas and to appreciate the importance of maintaining positive relationships with others regardless of religion
  • Children have opportunities to explore and embed their learning during Continuous Provision. They are given opportunities to strengthen their understanding of the religions of the world through activities which allow them to be creative and imaginative together.
  • Children have opportunities to talk to visitors from different faiths and to make visits to places of worship in the local environment.
  • Children take part in and attend year group assemblies where they explore how different religions celebrate important events.
  • Children have opportunities to reflect quietly together.

Through giving our children the opportunity to learn about the diversity of religions in Leicester, Great Britain and the world in our safe, vibrant, enriched environment we equip children with the skills to be Religiously Literate: well informed, compassionate and tolerant.

Children feel confident that they are able to challenge prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping in all forms and to expect in return that their own beliefs will be respected and understood.

Whole school overview

Places to visit

Leicester Cathedral
St Martins House
7 Peacock Lane

Take a walk in your local area and see what religious building you can see!

Books to read
  • Let’s Celebrate! by Kate DePalma
  • Nativity flap bookk by Sam Taplin
  • Welcome to our World by Moira Butterfield
  • Easter story by Heather Amery
  • Amazing Muslims who changed the world by Burhana Islam
  • 1001 inventions & awesome facts from Muslim civilization by National Geographic
  • The Usborne Children’s Bible by Heather Amery