We have updated our COVID risk assessment in preparation for school opening on Monday 8th March.

The notable additions are:

  • Only 1 person must be in the reception area at any time.
  • Each class of staff is their own bubble and should at all times maintain a 2m distance from all other adults unless an emergency situation dictates otherwise.
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless verbally supporting children’s learning or you are working in a room by yourself.
  • If taking a break with colleagues you must maintain the 2m distance. If eating or drinking you must be at a greater distance and be no longer than 15 mins with your colleague/s
  • If using the staffroom hands must be sanitised on entry and exit

Please find attached the full Risk Assessment, this can also be found in the Remote Learning section of the website.

Coronavirus Daily Operational 05.03.2021 v9