Updated Risk Assessments

Good afternoon,

Attached are 3 risk assessments, these have been specifically written in relation to the re-opening of school for all year groups on 1st September.

Whilst every care has been taken to cover every aspect of the day to day running, it is inevitable that due to these unprecedented times, we will remain on a steep learning curve with regard to planning, and all things health and safety. It is with that in mind, that we will take a fluid approach to the content contained within these risk assessments.

The Senior Leadership Team will be in constant contact with all Staff and Governors, to provide updates on how systems are working, and to pool ideas on how best to improve further. All stakeholders will be appraised of any changes made to risk assessments and copies will be made available. We will continue to provide any other relevant updates via our app, so please make sure that you have downloaded ‘Weduc’.

Coronavirus Daily Operational 14.09.2020v4
Coronavirus Cleaning
Coronavirus PPE 14.09.2020v3