Updates to Daily Operational Risk Assessment

Updates have been made to our Daily Operational Risk Assessment, the updates are as follows:

Parents are reminded of the importance of wearing face coverings when on the school grounds

Singing and other musical activity is permitted as long as:

  • Social distancing is adhered to (2 meters)
  • Voices are not unduly raised
  • The room is well ventilated (or outdoors)
  • Any instruments used are sanitised before and after use
  • No sharing of instruments
  • No wind instruments to be used

Paper towels are to be used to dry hands in preference of hand dryers.

If travel during the work day is required, i.e. for home visits, travelling by foot is recommended. If this is not possible and travel is with a passenger, face coverings should be worn, the car well ventilated and cleaned before and after the trip.

Any disposable items that are potentially contaminated will be double bagged and stored for 72 hours before disposal.