Updates to our Daily Operational Risk Assessment

We have updated our Daily Operational Risk Assessment, the changes are as follows:

School Trips – No school trips will be arranged at this time. Parents and staff will be given adequate notice from school, of the intention to resume such activities.

Presenting Coronavirus Symptoms – for every positive test from a pupil or staff member the school will contact: PHE Coronavirus Response Centre on 03442 254524.

BAME – Uplands Infant School, staff and children, by a large majority are considered to be in this category. We have taken all measures available to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of the most vulnerable within our school. if you feel that additional factors need to be taken into account, or you have special requirements that need to be addressed, then please contact the Head Teacher as a matter of urgency.

Our Risk Assessments can all be found on our website.