Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

We have four classes in our year group, each with a teacher and supported by a teaching assistant.

In Year 1 our aim is to build on the learning already secured in the Early Years to support the children on the next stage of their educational journey.

We know that Play provides the most effective opportunities for learning and are currently changing our teaching strategies to enhance our highly engaging and exciting curriculum to further meets the needs of all children.

We teach to the objectives of the National Curriculum in all subject areas (follow subject links below to find out more) but are approaching the learning of those skills through play based activities. We have an overarching termly theme to extend and widen current experiences and knowledge. This also helps us cover all areas of the curriculum; however the route we take towards achieving those goals may be different each year and may also vary across classes as we aim to take into account the interests and strengths of the children in each class.

(Themes are currently under review in line with changing to a play based curriculum and will be published here later in the year)

Our classrooms reflect what we are teaching and give children the opportunities to practise skills and develop their own ideas in a playful way. Teachers and support staff work with the children to develop their skills and move their learning forwards. This is done through a mixture of whole class and small group teaching and also through providing carefully planned equipment in the learning environment which allow children to revisit, practise and apply these skills during their play.

Encouraging children to be independent learners is fundamental to our approach. We are continuing to use The Characteristics of Effective Learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure children continue to grow into curious, resilient, creative and critical thinkers.

Please follow the links below to find out more about teaching and learning in each of the Curriculum areas.

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