Year 2

Welcome to Year Two!

We have four classes in our year group, each with a class teacher and supported by a teaching assistant.

In Year 2 we aim to provide a stimulating and exciting curriculum, to challenge and develop the children’s knowledge and skills, building on their previous learning. We encourage both individual and collaborative learning and ensure our teaching meets the needs of all children. There is a real emphasis on developing social skills, questioning, behaviours and motivation to empower all children, to become lifelong learners.

A high priority is to allow children to gain independence and the necessary skills to allow a smooth transition to their junior school.  As a school with many children with English as an additional language, care is taken to ensure that children are given the necessary vocabulary and grammar, for both written and oral English.

We work closely with parents, not only to ensure that their children enjoy, achieve and succeed but in also providing guidance on how to support children’s learning at home.  High attendance is crucial to aid your children’s progression.


Our learning enhancements include: 

– Me, Myself and My World
– London
– Famous People
– Journey to Space
– The Natural World
– The Natural World and Transition


Our PSHE curriculum allows our children to develop the skills and attitudes to enable them to participate and contribute positively to life in Modern Britain.


Jigsaw forms the main part of our PSHE teaching. The focus of the activities in Jigsaw is to build children’s capacity to learn and to equip them for future life. Jigsaw also develops emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills and spiritual development.

We teach six different units:

  • Being Me In My World
  • Celebrating differences
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships
  • Changing me

Circle time

Circle time forms another aspect of our PSHE teaching and is implemented alongside our behaviour policy- using golden time as a treat, that children can earn for following the school golden rules. In year two, our golden time is on a Friday afternoon where we endeavour to provide the children with activities and resources that they view as a reward and are above and beyond the normal range of resources they have access to during the rest of the week.

Key areas of teaching are to :

– promote social skills and positive relationships;
– encourage positive behaviour and a caring and respectful ethos;
–  help children develop their self-esteem and self-confidence;
– support the emotional well-being of children and adults;

Our school assemblies are also following the themes set out in SEAL:

– New beginnings
– Getting on and falling out
– Say no to bullying
– It’s good to be me
– Going for Goals
– Relationships
– Changes


We spend the last half term completing transition work between the infant and junior school to ensure a smooth transition for all of our children.

This includes:

  • A visit to the Junior School
  • Meetings for parents to explain and discuss transition and provide opportunities to ask questions
  • Planned lessons focused on transition and emotions
  • An assembly where children from the Junior school visit Year 2 to answer any questions about their new school
  • A transition workshop
  • Planned meetings between the infant and junior teachers to ensure all information is transferred

Explore the curriculum in Year 2


Year 2

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Year 2

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