Using objects from his home, Yusuf makes some transient Art!

Yusuf segments and blends words during phonics.

He writes them using cursive handwriting.

Bilaal enjoys using and understanding positional language during his maths lesson.

Buttercups Class Maths Prepositions.

In the Nursery the children played a game of pairs where they had to read and match their sight words.

The children have also been practising to read and recognise their whole name and match the letters correctly to their name card!

The children have been learning to apply their one to one correspondence accurately up to 5 objects.

The Children have been practicing to count accurately, saying their number names in order, saying one number for each object and to understand that the last number they say tells them how many objects there have in that group.

Our Nursery children have also been investigating winter. They went for a winter walk, looking closely at the changes in the weather, trees and plants and comparing this to what it was like in the autumn.

Fun with “Rat-a-tat-tat”

This week Unicorns and Penguins have been reading Rat-a-tat-tat during their live shared reading session.

The children have been predicting who will come through the door next. The children joined in with finding sight words and reading words together.

We cannot wait to finish the story and write about it at the end of the week.

The frog prince.

This week Unicorns have been reading The frog prince.

The children really enjoyed this traditional tale and learnt about the language used in traditional tales such as “once upon a time” and “they lived happily ever after”.

During the end of the week we carried out some writing. We learnt how to write a list. We also saw different examples of lists such as registers, receipts and shopping lists.  We wrote a list of things we would put on our potion to turn the prince into a frog.

We had a guest appearance on our zoom call Mrs Chanchwelia joined us.

The children were so happy to see her. We needed to see if our potion actually worked… so the children had a great idea and decided to get Mrs Chachwelia to try it.

So Miss Thakrar handed over the cauldron to her and she drank away at the potion. The next thing you know we hear lots of “ribbit ribbit ribbit!!!

We turned Mrs Chandwelia into a frog!

I was so impressed at the children’s efforts and them applying their writing strategies. Here are the tools the children used to produce their own writing and here’s what they did.


Speech bubbles from Maryam who has been working super hard at home even though she is isolating!
A huge thank you to Mrs Parmar for supporting her with her home learning.