Our Physical Education curriculum has been designed to enable our children to develop their physical fitness, stamina and understanding of the body during exercise and to instil in them a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE, alongside a positive healthy and physical outlook. We follow the National Curriculum for Key stage 1 and the new statutory Framework for Early Years. There are opportunities for children to compete in sport that enables them to develop leadership and teamwork skills; build character and feel a sense of personal success in an atmosphere of healthy competition.

Our Physical Education curriculum provides a coherent, structured, curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of knowledge and skills for those who are capable. It sets out a clear list of what will be covered for each year group which ensures each teacher, even as a non-specialist, has clarity as to what to cover, the threshold concepts children should understand, and progression within the threshold concepts for mastery.

Our Key Physical Education concepts: Movement, Gymnastics, Dance, Ball skills, Team games, Athletics: are organised so that children are able to return to the same concepts each year to enable children to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language.

Our Physical Education milestones define the standards for the threshold concepts. We expect children in Early Years we follow the EYFS framework to move in different ways with control, balance and co-ordination. We expect children in year 1 of each key stage to develop a basic understanding of the concepts and an advancing or deep understanding in year 2 of the milestone.


Our teaching of Physical Education is taught as a discrete subject, daily in reception and twice weekly in KS1 following the Jasmine Active scheme at a tool. Our Physical Education concepts are revisited in all years to ensure there is progression to help build depth to their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Physical Education activities are planned for within our continuous provision which enables application and replication of physical knowledge and skills taught in different contexts, with pertinent cross curricula links, offering a more open ended approach to learning which challenges and empowers children to demonstrate their learning and skills in imaginative and different ways. It also builds on previously taught knowledge, both day-to-day and across year groups.

The impact of our curriculum is that by the end of each milestone, the vast majority of children have sustained mastery of the content, that is, they remember it all and are fluent in it; some children have greater knowledge and skills. Our assessment ensures that teachers and children assess their learning continuously throughout the lesson. We equip children with the skills and love of sport and to grow up to live happy and healthy lives.

Opportunities for the future

We ensure our children are made aware of careers they could aspire to do in the future through their love of physical education: professional athlete, sports coach/teacher, physiotherapist, sports and fitness nutritionist, sports news reporter, gymnast.


Children will learn about experts and people of influence and where possible visits from specialists in their field for example a gymnast. We will encourage children to a range of different career paths they can take in the world of sports. Introduce children to a range of career paths such as: sports new presenter, gymnast, cricketer, footballer, fitness instructor and physiotherapist. Children have the opportunity to go to afterschool sports club daily, Saturday club and term holiday sports club ran by our sports coach.


Children will have the opportunity to compete in Sports day games at Saffron Lane and compete in team games and as an individual. Children will compete in local football league.


Children will be exposed to athletes from different disciplines, ensuring inclusion of different genders, ethnicities and disabilities.

Reception - In Class Learning - 2023-2024

Moat Visit

The Stars and Rainbow classes went to Moat to take part in a multi sports camp with some students. They had a great time practicing balancing, hand eye coordination and jumping skills. With children finishing the session saying ‘they loved it!’.

Year 2 - 2023-24

Moat Visit

We visited Moat Community College to take part in some sports activities. The children worked in groups to play badminton and they learned different techniques they can use when playing Badminton.

In Class Learning - 2022-23


Big Moves

Nursery children have been developing their core muscles and strength by rolling the tyres. They have shown great determination, enthusiasm, and concentration when rolling them around the playground.

Pushing & Pressing

Developing strength in muscles in the nursey by pushing and pressing down hard on the play dough. ‘Look, look’ such fascination about the patterns and prints made.

Year 1


This week year 1’s learnt a new skill called a pivoting. We applied the skill to the different movements we had learnt in reception such as: side steps, grappling, skipping and jogging. The importance of pivoting is to be able to turn and control your body quickly and to generate power and momentum. This skill can be applied in games such as football and will help defending. 

Pivoting Video

This week year 1s have been learning how to move in different directions during PE.
We have also been travelling in different ways when moving in different directions, for example; jogging, walking, skipping, side stepping and hopping.
We enjoyed playing Tom and Jerry with Sunny, where we had to listen very carefully to the instructions he gave to us.
Bench Ball

Year 1s have been learning all about the skills and techniques used to play bench ball including hand and eye coordination, team work and special awareness. We really enjoyed playing bench ball!

PE Dance Competition
In PE, the year 1 children have enjoyed creating a dance sequence of 4 or more moves using the movements and skills they have explored during their PE lessons. They worked together in groups and shared their creative dance sequence in a dance competition!
Year 2


The Year 2 children have been learning all about balance, look how great they are at balancing!


Year 2 children have been applying movement skills during a game of bench ball!

PE with Moat


Sports Day




The nursery children have been strengthening their arm and hand muscles by manipulating and moulding the playdough. They have also been developing their coordination to use the tools with good coordination and strength. These are important so we can use pens and pencils to write.

The nursery children have been strengthening their core muscles by lifting and rolling large logs, balancing, and climbing the climbing frame, riding the bikes and scooters with speed and coordination.




Children have been learning to move their bodies in different ways. We have been learning how to side step and gallop. Side steps enable children to pivot, move and change directions quickly when playing different sports. These movements help children develop confidence and control when moving.

Year 1

Year 2

The children in reception have been doing gymnastics. They have been learning different types of rolls such as log roll, rocket roll and the teddy bear roll was the challenge. The majority of the children’s favourite roll was the rocket roll.

Children in Spring 1 will be learning how to move their body in different ways, confidently changing directions. They will also be linking moves together with a partner in time to music and perform simple movement patterns.

We have been learning how to roll and collect a ball. The children have really enjoyed learning how to throw and catch a ball.  They then applied this skill to play piggy in the middle. Children have also been dropping a ball from shoulders height and catching it after a bounce. The children have been learning how to kick a ball using their feet. The children then used this skill to kick towards the goal.

Children in reception have enjoyed learning the names of cricket equipment such as: cricket bat, ball, wickets, base, underarm throw and over arm throw.

Reception sport day was super fun. From sprints, sack races, egg and spoon races and balancing bean bag races. All the children had an amazing day!


Year 1

In year 1 one we have been learning how our body can move in different directions, side steps, galloping, hopping, marching, and for progression we attempted those skills by doing it in zigzag motion where there were testing themselves following cones. When playing bench all side steps have helped children to avoid the ball and intercept the ball.

In year 1 gymnastic was a really exciting time because we had a special visit from Sam Oldham who is a professional gymnast whose gone on to represent the GB in the Olympics where he had won bronze medal. Children were very enthusiastic when learning gymnastics as they met a real gymnast. we had children beginning to master the front roll, walking across a low beam, jumping off different apparatus.

In year 1 we are beginning to master the skills we had learnt in previous terms but this time round we had to link travelling moves that change direction and speed, link moves together with a partner and variety of moves on the beat.

In year 1 children have been working on dropping the ball from shoulder height and collecting with two hands or one hand to make it more challenging they were also working with partners doing sequence passing, which allowed them to introduce a partner in the middle where they were able to play piggy in the middle and then further on as they become more confident we introduced bench ball.

In year 1 we have had a coach come in from Leicestershire county cricket club and in every week where we will be learning techniques of how to ball, bat and catch which then we will be following up and using the skills when we play caterpillar cricket.



Year 2

In year 2 we learnt different was of our body are able to move, hopscotch forward and backward, side steps forward and backward, galloping, marching, skipping and hopping forward backward. When performing these skills, we tried to do it with speed and quality and we also spoke on how learning these skills can benefit us in different sports.

In year 2 gymnastic was a really exciting time because we had a special visit from Sam Oldham who is a professional gymnast whose gone on to represent the GB in the Olympics where he had won bronze medal, they were mastering skills such as jumping of apparatus, walking across low and higher beam, performing front and back roll some were also leading into splits and cartwheel, the children were also performing their own 3 sequence

In year 2 we are mastering how to compose and perform simple dance routines, develop a range of dance movements and improve timing alone, with partner and group and with all this we worked creating movements that show rhythm and control.

In year 2 for ball skills we are using our bodies in different ways to make a connection with a ball. For example catching the ball in different ways like over the shoulder, beside the body and below your knees. We are working on striking the ball with a bat, kicking the ball with either foot, throwing the ball to our partners and trying to do a rally. We also introduced playing football

In year 2 we are mastering the correct technique of bowling, batting and catching and also learning the rules and how you can score points and win the game. The game we learnt to play is called super striker.

Sports Day

Visitors - 2021-22

Sam Oldham - Olympian

In the autumn term we had a special visit from an Olympic Gymnast. Sam Oldham visited the school and carried out circuits with children in reception through to year 2. Children raised £865.74. Sam Oldham also carried out a whole school assembly and explained his role and what he does. Children were inspired by Sam and this fed nicely into our Autumn 2 term as we were learning gymnastics.


Year 1 - Moat Visit

Year 1 children from Uplands, Highfields and Charnwood all went to Moat Community College where the students arranged different activities. The children from all three schools were mixed together so they could experience interacting with new children!

Reception Moat Visit

The Stars enjoyed taking part in the multi sports camp at Moat where the children practiced their balance and hand eye coordination.

Leicestershire Cricket Club

The cricket specialist from Leicestershire cricket county club taught the children how to bowl the ball. They children loved this game as they had to aim the ball at the wickets and knock down the wickets. Children are beginning to develop the bowling technique.

Rockets had the opportunity to learn how to play cricket with an expert cricketer  from Leicestershire Cricket Club. We learnt the skills of how to hold a cricket bat and do fielding. Rockets enjoyed playing cricket and are looking forward to learning more cricket Skills.

Books to read
  • Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French
  • See inside your body by Colin King
  • First encyclopaedia of the human body by Fiona Chandler